Thee Original Egyptian Musk

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This Musk is for everyone, Straight quality! Gender is not specified in this sensual scent of Original  musk. This oil is a classic, signature scent for most! 

The 1 ounce size shown in the picture to the right gives an idea of  it's appearance. 
This Pure Original Egyptian Oil Musk fragrance is a pheromone. pheromone refers to a substance served to influence the physiology (activities and functions of people) or behavior of other members of the same species.
Original Egyptian musk is a light pheromone scent that attracts been said to be Sexy and alluring worn by males and females. The Nose knows best!
Original Egyptian Musk has a thick consistency, heavy but lightly scented, rich and lingers on the skin once rubbed in as a lotion., Original Egyptian Musk is know for it intense attraction from the opposite sex. This is the musk you have been waiting for Musk lover!
Use Original Egyptian Musk as a base for everything you wear. If your not fearful of the beauty of layering fragrances. Pour a little Original Egyptian Musk into your lotions, apply this Musk to cool light bulbs in your house, then turn on the lights! Burn this musk in an oil burner or simmer very low heat in a small pot over the stove for aromatherapy if you do not have an oil burner... Apply Original Egyptian musk to spray on your colognes or perfume scents if your into wearing perfumes and colognes.

I will help YOU Create your own scent locking and layering the flavor in as it blends into your skin.." Original Egyptian Musk" is Safe to dab on a little baby and children skin types, just rub on arms and stomach.

Thee Original Egyptian Musk Oil fragrance from Lady Outside is "Marryed" (matured) for 1 year in advance before offering to the general public for a sell price.. Extracting quality oil fragrances is a systematic process it takes a whole year to marry and create this greatness! 


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