Savage Dior Oil for Men

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 Savage Dior looks like water and stings like a rattle snake bite. Subtle and long lasting sting. Some say Savage Dior is smooth like Jean Paul Gaultier and Issey Miyake. This scent is sexy and quiet but  noticed as a phenome. Got a hot date tonight? Wear Savage Dior.  Thank US Later in an Email. 

Savage Dior for Men is an Oil Fragrance classic that is becoming well know. The soft crisp, alluring sexy scent contains pepper and hits of citrus goodness. 

Men love it who want an every day or evening fragrance for the fragrance lover, adding flare to what he wears; noticeable, especially in closed spaces. Compare it to alcohol based colognes and experience savage Dior without the harsh chemical or dying agents of most commercial blends. 


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