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The Perfect imported fit in any size pocket size! Nag Champa is a Blend of soft floral notes, with just a pinch of sweet earthy pop, fresh. fluff! Nag Champa it's light for the woodsy scent lover with a high pitch of spice that others cannot stand! As you wear Nag champa the myrrh accents taper off a bit after wearing it for awhile,  what lingers is pinches of powder patchouli kinda scent with hints of dark jasmine and fresh misty warm cotton air.

 Nag Champa brings out the wild side of the Natural Body chemistry scent inside of you! It’s color is dark browinish- Imported Nag Champa is from India the extracted scent is brownish woodsy crisp! Quality Nag Champs is authentic Oil Fragrance that can be diffused in an Oil warmer or simmer this Oil in a small pot over the ston Ave to scent the atmosphere around you!!

Let the power of Nag Champa aid you during laundry time. Add to dryer sheets as an aid to freshen & scent damp clothing during the washing or drying cycles. Place small drops of Nag Champa on a rag to scent all your clothes, rugs and musty areas of your home and it naturally will linger of the smell in your clothes!