Pear The OIL

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This Freshly, Clean. undetected green ripe fruit smell called Pear will  surprise you! Pear is elegantly playful yet maturelly appealing and it lingers. Pear The OIL is available in two (2) sizes

. This scent will  serve you, Attracting attention from many in a great way! "Pear The OIl "Can be easily mixed with perfumes and other oil fragrances to create a signature scent created just for you! The Nose knows best! You be the judge of you! 

Try Mixing this classic scented pear with your favorite scent(s )(yes more than one) and notice the heads that turn with pleasant SMILES when you arrive or walk by.

Of course Pear can be worn alone without the company of another fragrance and be the talk of the office, the party or any other gathering event or wear pear or Burn Pear The OIL in an OIl Burner on a special personal, "get to know someone kinda date"!  

 Please, Send me a message in the chat section of this website if you remember to and let me know if this response IS true for YOU! Get yours, now, so that you can experience the effects it has on the people around your way; we are not sure how long the supply of Pear the OIL will last.