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This is a great Oil Scent  to START OFF WEARING IF YOUR LOOKING FOR A DIFFERENT FLARE IN A FRAGRANCE for a man! Hanae Mori is a CRISP, SEXY, ALLURING, intoxicating scent with hints of citrus!

Hanae Mori is for the man who likes style and originality. This scent of oil holds a citrus base. Masculine lingers and can be dressed up or dress down. a dab will do you on a busy work day. Try Hanae Mori in the sample pack also, See the sampler Pack on this website to sample a few oils sold on this website.

What to wear when your wearing Hanae? ok- You can dress wearing a pair of jeans and a Tee shirt ; if you then change your entire wardrobe and decide that you only want to wear a three piece suite, you'd still be ready for an elegant, romantic night on the town, outside or inside! Hanae MORI  Oil for Men is a very noticeable fragrance and it stands in a class of it's own. 

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