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You see the name right? This Oil Fragrance smells exactly LIKE GAIN laundry detergent but void of INGREDIENTS IN Laundry detergent! This oil fragrance is super clean, worn by Men and Women. Ironically, seductive.

see sample pack (on this website)to try a few scents-most popular-or your favorite. -send message in chat section of website (lower right hand corner)  saying display pack then information will be sent directly to you on how to get samples. 

You would 'think' the scent would smell like gain Laundry detergent or dish soap it does kinda but, once you rub Gain Perfume  fragrance it does not. Once it connects and blends with your skin and combines with your body chemistry it a special -kind -of fresh that is only unique to you!

A Must try Oil Fragrance. You can also add freshness and style to the atmosphere by Burning this oil in an oil Burner and More! Or if your crazy about perfumes do not sleep or knock any of the oil types of perfumeoils on this website  until you, have tried it. 

1 fragrance soo many uses! Turn heads -be a Gainer!