Fragrance Oil Sample Pack!

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Now YOU can sample small amounts of Four of your Top choice Oil Fragrances or at least what's in stock before you stopped on this website. . 

YOU GET: 4 samples (short Vials) 

Let me see! What is included in the sample pack!? ONLY TESTERS But they go along way  Lady Outside style! Quality Oil Fragrance tube sampler's delight!  

Each simple Sampler Pack includes 

1 full tube of designer Oil scent for Men most popular 

1 full tube of Designer oil scent most popular Lady oil  sample 

1 full size sample of Burning oil- best reviews & you can wear it too! 

1 full sample of Thee Original, original Egyptian Musk or whatever Musk that may be in stock 🤷🏽‍♀️

Picture shows tubes of oils so that you can SEE the actual SIZE OF SAMPLE you will get.😀

Note:Sample pack size will subject to change styles. 

Please direct all Questions about this page in Chat section of this website. 

THANK YOU. Enjoy 💋