Five Pack Bundle -5 for 35

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Experience a "Bunch a Oils -Lady Outside Style”
For YOU from Me! 😁WELCOME TO MY ONLINE SPACE. First time shopping here online with Lafy outside get 10% off This Bundle! 
A Fragrance lovers delight, finally! please and Tease with not only 3 but 5 quality Oil fragrances from Lady Outside's collection! Custom blend your own signature scents by mixing them; have fun, wear all 5 oils in one day at the same time!
Trust, you will turn heads and get so many compliments and feel wonderful.. Sell 2 oil fragrances then wear the rest, just a workable suggestion! (smile).  Email: LadyOutsiide : ONLY: If you desire a fragrance not listed on this online selection send an Email to 
This Bundle offers a variety of quality Oil Fragrances and Yes, you can request the Same scent for all five and discuss other option fragrances that compliment you!.
What's all included in Oil Bundle Dram Special?
The Oil Bundle Dram Special includes
2 female fragrances - fresh. flowery and sweet popular Fragrances
2 male designer type most alluring, attention grabbing popular oil fragrances
1 Musk oil whatever Musk Oil is in stock. at the time you place your order
Hit the chat message on this website or send a quick email to let’s talk! 😊
This "Bunch of Oils" is a special offer for customers who know, like, and trust lady Outside's quality type oils-This offer is limited -first time offer online and remains here.
Because this is the internet and you cannot smell thru your computer screen all this fresh sweet musk aroma mixed with flowers , jasmine and tropical twisted moments. 
You Do have the option to send an Email - Ask questions about a certain scent you've desired; perhaps your Favorite smell of all time is waiting for you in my collection.
With this Email option you can ask if she has a fragranced oil you have been wanting to experience and try.! 
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