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                Egyptian Musk Quality Oil Fragrance 

If you never heard of Oil Fragrances Egyptian Musk should be your first try!  It's a quiet, inviting Fragrance that lingers and attracts

If you just like fragrances( or want to try them) but never want to come off too loud or too annoying to others, ​EGYPTIAN MUSK is for you! It is a pheromone  that naturally attracts the opposite sex. Mother nature designs in silence and so does Egyptian Musk. Designed to attract the opposite sex-softly alluring that sneaks up into the nostrils and gives instant pleasure. Weather you smell it at first or not it's there If your one of those people that have a instinctive built in smell techniques will notice.  The Nose knows best. Although Egyptian musk is a Light oil fragrances and can be mixed with other scents it is very noticeable can be worn on the skin alone. Try Egyptian musk-Be remembered for more than just your smile.