Jean Paul Gaultier Oil

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A classic soft lingering, smooth.. to be smooth type scent.!
doesn’t matter what you look like ; This oil has notes of woods but only a bit. Fragrance Notes coated with orange, bit of fresh linen  and overall a of a gentlemen. The gentlemen part that’s where your natural scent from your body comes  into complete the union.. an instant righteous entanglement! 
your going Love it! If you’re not too busy, come back and leave a comment on my website.. or tell a friend about me..

  The All Oils on this website can be burned in smell an oil burner smeared oil on a lightbulb, cold or hot; and worn on your skin. Rub drops of oil on your favorite pillow or blanket and more! For a list of More ways to use oil fragrances, send me an email or message me on this website what you desire in a fragrance.