Fragrance Lover Business Bundle-Be your own Boss!

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The BUNDLE means I am combining ALL the goodness of Oil Fragrances together for men and women Musk is included too, for YOU to increase your income this year. `This package is ideal for the fragrance lover in you! 

This package offers 2 in one benefits. You Save Money if you love quality OIL fragrances! Plus, a opportunity to make money to increase YOUR income to your existing store or personal pockets! 

A variety of Best sselling oil scents- Designer oils for men and women that last and linger on the skin because of the quality.

15 Oil fragrance Dram sized Bottles for only $45.00 great value because its a complementary price from me to you! (these products compliment any business!)

(please yourself)wear some or sell some -SELL THEM ALL! Increase your income! The Business startup package of oil fragrances are designed for you to earn extra cash.

TIP:Bring the oil fragrances wherever you go. Special events, on the bus if you do not have a car, to Church on the weekends or weekdays to sell to people at your workplace. Quality always sells itself!! Start wearing them yourself!

If your ultimate desire is to Increase your income and you love Oil fragrances simply stack up on these assorted Oil fragrances and save money!!

Dram Bottles shown in the picture

(complementary Price for your increased sales journey!

Because of the abundance of available oil fragrances i have access to its complicated to guess what your audience likes. Are they male or female? Are they Church goers? Do they travel? Do they love designer and name brand items?

Text (614) 424-0478 for questions..PLEASE, LEAVE YOUR NAME. 

Much Prosperity to you!!