2 Drams -Quality Oil Fragrance

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Break free from the bundles and buy Dram size bottles individually from Lady Outside! Dram Bottles are $8.00 each bottle  same size you see here which is what you can see  here. To get  more than just 2 -See the (5) -"Five Oil Fragrances for $35.00 It's the Bundle deal" on this same size. 

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You will receive 2 Oil Fragrances  by using this link; get 2 Quality oil Fragrances the popular choice If there are no comments in the notes! Shoppers get the most popular men and women Oil scents sent to you, You Do have the option of 2 female scents or 2 male oil fragrance scents. Just Leave a message by using the chat feature to ask questions on this website. Thank you for visiting this website.